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If you’re interested in adopting a puppy from us, give us a call right away to get on our list. We often sell all our puppies before they are even born. For every litter of puppies on the way, we keep a waiting list. There are 2 categories of people on the list:

Confirmed Buyers let us know that they are hoping to purchase a pup and get on the guarantee waiting list and starts with just a $500 deposit.

Paid-in-Full Buyers are put on the Pick List by submitting complete payment for a puppy. For your convenience, we can accept payment through check, PayPal, or simply with cash. You will pick the puppy you want and take him or her home!

We are a family network of Labrador breeders. All our dogs are family pets who get daily love and attention. Our breeding dogs are treated like beloved pets – because that’s what they are. We love spreading joy!

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Kelly Swift, Life’s Abundance
Independent Field Representative

Phone: 909-815-0878